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About META Center

About the META Center – The META Center is an Upscale Space Rental and Event Facility in New York City focusing on Consciousness Raising, Multidimensional Education, Healing, Transformation & the Creative Arts. It has been intentionally created to physically, aesthetically, and energetically promote the feeling of a pure, safe, “sacred home”. The META Center offers conference rooms and private consultation rooms for day, evening and weekend rentals plus a full program of events (see Calendar / Special Event pages on this website). Upon entering the META Center with its holistic design, a warm welcoming feeling is apparent. The space is Feng Shui aligned, and multilevel energetic healing grids are placed throughout.
Mission Statement – The META Center is dedicated to Consciousness Raising, Healing, Personal Growth, Transformation and Creativity. It is a commercial establishment committed to enhancing and furthering metaphysical education, healing and creativity. The Center provides a physical space for conscious people to awaken to higher teachings, share the wisdom and utilize heightened clarity in their own lives and out in the world.

META Center’s History – The META Center New York was born and initiated in April 2005, yet it was many years in the creation. Over 25 years ago, Jodi Serota, a professional artist, channel, metaphysical educator and vibrational healer, received intuitive information from her guides that when she was established enough professionally, she would then create an educational center geared toward anything to do with consciousness raising, healing, personal growth, transformation and creativity.Jodi’s guides further emphasized that this environment would extend beyond just utilizing holistic teachings; it was necessary to include and address metaphysical education from and about all dimensions and time frames. This would include past, present and future life times, all lineages, generations and ancestries, and it also includes influences from the star systems, planets and beyond the beyond as well as throughout all time and space. A total holographic approach was what was required for the desired effect. The META Center’s metaphysical orientation was of extreme importance in that it was essential that the space be all- inclusive to all realms of existence.

The Location – Jodi was “told” that it was important that this facility be situated in New York City because, in the future, when she would create this center, it would be important to have this healing space in a city that was considered a major hub for people from all over the world. It would be beneficial and needed at that point in history for people to gather in community, to work independently and together in support, to further evolve consciousness.

The Name – The name of the Center was given to Jodi exactly as it reads, META Center New York. The word META means beyond, and it signifies transformation and change. Also as a word in Sanskirt, META means love and/or wisdom. And finally, META as an acronym represents.

It’s a perfect name identifying all that it represents at the center. Jodi was told to include the geographic identifier of “New York” in the official name of the center because eventually she would be directed to create additional, similar centers in specific locations throughout the world. The network would eventually consist of “large centers” in each given country rather than various smaller ones spread out…that way, these spaces could stand out and be recognized throughout the globe. The idea is to create places that would have “world teachings”, and “otherworldly teachings,” so upon entering these centers, people would have “multiworld experiences”.

The Future – The original center was to start as something smaller (one floor of a building) and grow into a much larger space. It was shown to her as a grand pavilion with different sections or wings including conference rooms for classes, workshops, seminars, conferences and events.
The focus of these specific sections were for Metaphysical Education with an area devoted to private consultation rooms for all forms of Multilevel Healing, with another entire wing devoted to all forms of the Arts: Art Exhibitions, Films, Vibrational Concerts & Events with Sound, Light, Color, Music, Dance, Movement, Performance, etc and another section devoted to The Study of Vibrational Medicine.
Another important addition would be a healthy restaurant or café for gathering, socializing and consuming nurturing, healthy foods. Everything had to be related to Consciousness Raising, Healing, Personal Growth, Transformation & Creativity, all with a Multidimensional focus.
Welcome – So do please come to the META Center New York and experience an aesthetically beautiful environment where your heart can expand with love, your mind can open to new ideas, your body can be rejuvenated and healed, your spirit can be reminded of and nurtured with truth and wisdom, and your creativity can be ignited.

META Center New York, (212) 736 0999.