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Past Events: April 2012

META Center Monthly Calendar

META Center has become home to renowned speakers, lecturers and practitioners in the consciousness raising and metaphysical community from around the globe. It is the ‘#1’ destination in New York City for cutting edge spiritual events, workshops, lectures and programs. META Center is a safe and supportive environment that vibrationally catalyzes spiritual awakenings, multi-level healing, truth and a full sense of peace.

Check out our Monthly Calendar and Special Events and be a part of the Growing Population of Conscious People.

April Events at a Glance (Please scroll down for more information.)

4/1: Streams of Light – Starr Fuentes
4/1: Holding the Vision: Harnessing the Image – Making Power of the Mind for Personal & Global Transformation – Cristo Bowers
4/1: Discovering Your Role in Defining and Creating the New Era – Cristo Bowers
4/3: Breath Work & Meditation Workshop – Dr. Richard Brown ~PRIVATE EVENT~
4/4: An Introduction to Vedic Meditation – New York Meditation Center ~FREE EVENT ~
4/5: Viral Tent – Where Story Telling Takes Place
4/9: Activating the One Heart Consciousness – Igniting Your Soul’s Potential – Cindy Morris & John Corsa
4/10: Thermography Seminar: Radiation-Free Cancer Screening – Dr. Anthony Piana ~FREE EVENT~
4/11: An Introduction to Vedic Meditation – New York Meditation Center ~FREE EVENT~
4/11: Healing Your Family With Family Constellations – Dina Ostrovsky
4/12: An Evening with Psychic Medium Lisa Kay
4/12: Kriya Yoga, Shaktipat & Healing – Evan Rofheart
4/13: “2012: Isn’t it Amazing?” – Live Concert – Alicia Mathewson
4/13: The Egyptian Mystery Teachings of SaRaTechnique, Part II -Merlinda Arnold
4/13 – 4/15: Awakening to Unlimited Possibilities – Hale Dwoskin
4/14: Day of HEALing – (Healing Energies of Agape Love) – Rev. Barbara
4/16: SQ Wellness Satsang – Michelle Fitch
4/19: Paul Selig Channels the Ascension Energies of the Word
4/20: Awakening Heart: Dances of Universal Peace & Sufi Practice
4/20: Angelic Circle of Peace – Rev. Barbara Dominick
4/21: Count Down To Consciousness Program – Jodi Serota ~PRIVATE EVENT~
4/21: Healing Your Family With Family Constellations – Dina Ostrovsky
4/23: The Elders Speak…After 500 Years of Silence
4/23: Sanctuary of Light – James Philips
4/25: ‘Embracing the Mahatma Energy’ – Anthony Citro
4/26: Embodying The Divine Feminine & The Evolution of Consciousness – Barbara Biziou, Constantina Rhodes, Merlinda Arnold & Moderator Richard Boyd
4/26: The Angel Circle with Archangel Michael – Mark Mezadourian
4/27: “A Night with Spirit” – Thomas John
4/27: ‘Global Prema Agni Day – 2012’ – Anthony Citro ~FREE EVENT~
4/28 & 4/29: A Soulful Weekend with Bill Bauman
4/30: Kundalini Shaktipat – Sri Pranaji & Master Raj

Sunday, April 1st
Streams of Light
Starr Fuentes
10:00am — 5:00pm

In this day long class, you’ll learn what the seven streams of light are, and how to attract them more powerfully and intensely into your life. Many things around you act as symbols to identify your movement towards or away from these energy streams.

You’ll see that there are literally hundreds of symbols given to us by others that we use to represent certain things in our lives which we accept unconsciously. Relationships, meanings, and even our sense of where we are and whether it’s a good place to be are all affected. Starr will help you to define a list of personal symbols that serve you best in bringing the streams of light into your life in concentrated abundance. A’ha! moments are often discovered with these teachings! You’ll leave this class with more light and energy than you ever thought possible radiating within and without. A workbook is provided to keep you in this new-found state and facilitate your work. Cost: $110

If you would like a personal reading or consultation with Starr while she is in New York, call 501-609-0660.

Sunday, April 1st
Holding the Vision: Harnessing the Image-Making Power of the Mind for Personal & Global Transformation
Cristo Bowers
10:00am – 12:00pm

Cristo will open the lecture by offering a blessing to those in attendance that will facilitate the opening of the third eye. The aim of the lecture is to help those in attendance comprehend the nature of the mind as a creative agent and subsequently to harness its creative powers for personal as well as global transformation. As a group, using interactive dialogue and diagrams, Cristo will explore the image-making power of the mind and clearly demonstrate the subtle, unconscious process of creation. Once this process is illustrated, Cristo will lecture on harnessing the image-making faculty of the mind to intelligently define a new reality. Cristo will close the program with a Q & A session.

Seminar fee: $60. Limited to 35 participants.

Discovering Your Role in Defining and Creating the New Era
Cristo Bowers
2:00pm – 5:00pm

This seminar is for individuals who are called forth to incarnate the New Age and who would like to discover their individual role in defining the New Era of Human Consciousness. Cristo will read the dominant energy of each person in attendance, providing a gift of knowledge to each individual by specifying which energy center is most ascendant, active and demonstrating through each person’s energetic system. Knowledge of one’s dominate center is important in illuminating and carrying out one’s vital role in the creation of the New Age.

Insights will be given on how each of these centers relates to and is interdependent upon the other centers for the full expression of the Divine Plan as it incarnates through the body of humanity. Those with similar ascendant energy will have the opportunity to relate to each other in focus groups. These focus groups will aid and assist the individual in realizing, through dialogue, the demonstrative quality of his or her dominant energy center. A comprehensive, interactive discussion of the various centers and their relatedness will then ensue among ALL of the focus groups. For further information pertaining to the highest functioning center, please follow the attached link to a video discussion of 3 spiritual teachers:

Cristo is a clairvoyant-healer and spiritual teacher. His mission is to honor and nurture the unique spirit of each individual and to serve all who come to him to more fully realize their Divine nature and to simultaneously help them define, embrace, and manifest their unique, spiritual purpose.

Seminar fee: $60. Limited to 35 participants.

Cristo will also be available for in-person reading on March 31st and April 2nd. RSVP with Tawana Thompson 551-556-1537 or by email

Tuesday, April 3rd ~PRIVATE EVENT~
Breath Work & Meditation Workshop
With Dr. Richard Brown
7:00pm – 8:00pm

For more info, go to Serving Those Who Serve at

Wednesday, April 4th & Wednesday, April 11th ~FREE EVENT~
An Introduction To Vedic Meditation
New York Meditation Center
7:00pm – 8:15pm

Vedic Meditation is an easy, natural technique that delivers benefits immediately. The deep rest gained from meditation creates the conditions whereby the nervous system is able to spontaneously purify and re-balance.

Scientific studies show that Vedic Meditation allows you to: * reduce stress and anxiety * enjoy better sleep and more energy * increase awareness & clarity of mind * improve physical well-being * slow the aging process

In this one-hour talk you will learn about the benefits of the technique, the mechanics of how it works and how it is taught. There will be an opportunity to join the basic meditation course the following weekend.

Free Event. Please RSVP online:

Thursday, April 5th
Viral Tent – Where Story Telling Takes Place
6:30pm – 9:00pm

Stories that inspire, connect and transform us. Story telling is how we know our own humanity; through the act of telling and through the act of listening. This is how we connect to one another. Come take part in a moderated evening of story telling and listening.

Introduction of the Evening: “A story is a gift for the here and now.” Marjorie Turner Holman – Freelance Writer, Personal/Family Historian.

Storytellers: Pamela J. Campbell – Founder LoveFC ltd; Stephanie Urdang – Writer, Model, Healer; Judy Giovangelo – Founder of Ben Speaks; Michelle Bianco – Life & Results Coach; Mama Zuma- The Zimele Community; Chloe Wohlforth – “Daughter”; Rosetta Stander – Founder, Zimele Community.

Moderators: Diane MacDonald – Co-Founder, The Viral Tent & A Woman Alive; Frances Beebe – Co-Founder, The Viral Tent & A Woman Alive.

A Viral Tent Story Telling Evening: Tickets: $35 (advance), $40 (at the door). To register call: (718) 522-3307.

Monday, April 9th
Activating the One Heart Consciousness
– Igniting Your Soul’s Potential
Cindy Morris & John Corsa
7:00pm – 9:30pm

Join Priestess Astrologer, Cindy Morris and clairsentient intuitive/crystologist John Corsa for a magical evening of heart-igniting healing and astrological insights set within a crystal grid. Messages from the Starry Ones illuminate these amazing times of transformation and paradigm shifts. Guided healing meditation led by John Corsa will open you to receive the new energies of LOVE coming to our world, assisting the evolution of each of us into our full potential.

As you clear and release limiting belief patterns you activate your evolutionary blueprint, bringing you in to alignment with the perfect, precious, empowered being you were born to be. You are needed in your full empowerment – your unique potential – for this most exciting venture of planetary ascension!

John and Cindy are flying in from Boulder, Colorado to offer heart-igniting evening for you.

$25 when you pre-register at $30 at the door.

Tuesday, April 10th
Free Thermography Seminar
– Radiation-Free Cancer Screening
Dr. Anthony Piana

Thermography Lecture – find out how Thermographic Imaging can detect cancer up to 10 years before a mammogram with NO RADIATION. Thermography can also be used to identify other conditions in the body with full body scanning. Attendees will receive a $50.00 gift certificate toward thermographic imaging.

Wednesday, April 11th
Healing Your Family With Family Constellations
Dina Ostrovsky
6:30pm – 9:30pm

During this seminar you will learn about the System Constellation method history, theory and approach. We’ll also have time to travel more deeply into everyone’s family issues. Some participants will be observers, some representatives, & some will work directly on their own family’s past, present, and future.

This Workshop Will Help You: * learn about natural systemic orders * understand your family dynamics and hidden conflicts * discover the source of imbalances within your family system and create a positive future * resolve troubles and find answers for yourself, your family and your relationships * experience and discover the world of family constellations

Each of us is a link in a chain spanning countless generations. It is not surprising that at times we are “paying off the debts” of our ancestors by reliving their lives’ patterns. What unconscious forces compel us to repeat the joyful and the traumatic events of our hidden family histories? This workshop will explore our profound, never-ending relationship to our past through the popular Family Constellations TM method developed by the German philosopher-psychologist Bert Hellinger.

The goal of the Family Constellation approach is to gain insight into the secrets of our family history. This method teaches us how to unravel the skein of our family past, brings to light interconnections across generations, and helps us break out of the unconscious cycle of our family history that may keep us from reaching our true potential and experiencing real happiness.

The Family Constellation method effectively addresses: * relationship problems * career issues * business and financial difficulties * bodily pain and illness * depression * habitual emotional and behavioral patterns

The seminar is facilitated by Dina Ostrovsky. Info: Cost – $25. Please register: Email: Tel: 732 277 5404.

Thursday, April 12th
An Evening with Psychic Medium Lisa Kay
7:00pm – 9:00pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)

During this event, Lisa will deliver messages from loved ones and friends in spirit. It is her hope that the messages she shares will demonstrate that life and love continue beyond the physical plane. Lisa will deliver as many messages as time permits.

Devoted to her work, and dedicated to sharing the wisdom she has acquired along her journey, Lisa Kay’s primary desire is to help foster the physical – spiritual connection, and facilitate personal growth. She is a well known guest lecturer, and can often be heard on various national radio stations throughout the United States. Lisa Kay is currently writing a book about how the evolution of her ability, as a psychic medium changed Lisa from a skeptic to a believer. The remarkable stories in the book, also illustrate how the process of sharing her gift that has changed her life, and the lives of those she touches. For more information about the work of Lisa Kay, visit

Cost: $45. No one under 18 please! No one attending this event is guaranteed a reading. Seating is limited for this event. Advance reservations suggested by calling 212-252-2457 or email

Friday, April 13th, Sat, April 14th & Sun, April 15th
Awakening to Unlimited Possibilities
with Hale Dwoskin of The Sedona Method
Friday 2:30pm-5:30pm, Sat & Sun 10:00am – 6:00pm

Join Hale Dwoskin, featured teacher in The Secret and founder of Sedona Training Associates, as he guides you in pursuing your hearts deepest desires from a brand new place of having and satisfaction. Awakening to Unlimited Possibilities is a way for you to deeply immerse yourself in the living truth of being and to discover that this field of being is with you every moment of every day and night.

Nothing about our stories, our persona is written in stone. You may have tried hard to chisel them in, but everything… every tendency (even our deepest fear based ones)… can be released with ease and grace. In the Awakening to Unlimited Possibilities seminar you will explore quick and powerful ways of dissolving your core beliefs. This will truly set you free from all sorts of hold backs and blind spots that you may not even believe is possible so that you awaken to who you are and the unlimited possibilities that come with it.

To learn more or to enroll go to:

Friday April 13th
2012: Isn’t it Amazing?
Live Concert with Alicia Mathewson
7:00pm – 9:00pm

Live concert of songs and chants with Alicia Mathewson in celebration of the release of her new CD: 2012: Isn’t it Amazing? Songs & Chants for the New Vibration. With tracks like “Fighting the good fight” and “Isn’t it Amazing?” along side of “Om Nimah Shivaya” and “Jayajagtamabe” this CD invites you into an experience of love, peace, truth, right-conduct, & non-violence. For more info and a preview visit

$25 Concert ($30 at the door). $50 Concert & Signed CD. ($55 at the door)
Be a sponsor for $100. (Sponsors will receive a signed CD and limited edition poster)

Reserve your seat online for the advance prices: or by calling 646-345-5484. Seats are limited so be sure to do it now!

A portion of the proceeds will benefit SQ Foundation. For more info, please visit

Friday, April 13th
The Egyptian Mystery Teachings of SaRaTechnique, Part II
Merlinda Arnold
7:00pm – 9:30pm

These transformative techniques were revealed through Omm Sety’s diligent work in Abydos, Egypt. Merlinda is the inheritor of this knowledge. These mystery teachings are ancient healing modalities that the Priests and Priestesses of Isis used for thousands of years. They were passed down orally and in cryptic form through the Pyramid Texts, that Merlinda has accessed calling them the healing modalities of the SaRa. The ancients Ones called it: “The Raising of the Djed”. Here the feminine principle of Isis is used to raise the male life force energy of Osiris up the vertebra of the spine so that the harmonics can flow between them.

Friday the 13th, an auspicious day for the Goddess, will help empower us to remember our vital connection to source that is inately within us. By removing the seals over our hearts, the other energy centers become more activated. These are some of the Isis Mysteries that will be presented, demonstrated and taught in a 2 and a half hour evening.

To register call 505-204-3480 /

Saturday, April 14th
Day of HEALing – (Healing Energies of Agape Love)
Rev. Barbara
10:00am – 5:00pm

Feeling unbalanced and out of sorts? Is staying healthy a challenge of time or funds? Day of HEALing may be for you!

You’re invited to experience 40 minutes of the wonderful, uninterrupted bliss of natural healing offered through Christ Light Healing, Reiki Healing or Reconnective Healing. As you allow the gentle Healing Energies of Agape Love to realign your body, mind and spirit to their natural rhythms, the healer within you facilitates a return to balance, harmony and a Soul-filled sense of wellness being. It’s also a great opportunity if you’ve never experienced energy healing before!

What to expect: Your private session involves you fully clothed on a massage table. You’re then gently guided into a light meditative state while listening to soft music. This helps you to relax into your healing experience; especially if this is your first time. Because we are all unique and have different requirements, healing sessions may vary. You may feel a warm or tingling sensation during hand placements on or above your body starting at your head. You may experience breezes or even see beautiful images or colors. You’re invited to simply be open to your experience and notice what happens. You’ll receive the healing that is meant for you with the energies staying with you long after your session is over.

$44.00 per 40min. session. By appointment only! For more information or to book an appointment, please contact RevB 718-863-1553. Pay in advance to hold your space:

Monday, April 16th
SQ Wellness Satsang
Facilitated by Michelle Fitch
7:00pm – 9:00pm

Through the ages, people have sought the wisdom, support and connectedness of community – particularly during challenging times.

Join us each month as we come together to explore ancient teachings, techniques, and tools to navigate life as taught by Master Teacher, Derek O’Neill. Each gathering begins by listening to one of Derek’s discourses on topics as varied as “Looking at Your Life Patterns”, “The Root Cause of Suffering”, “The Art of Manifestation” and the Bhagavad Gita. The night concludes with a group discussion of the evening’s discourse, and an opportunity to share life’s challenges, seek support and perhaps walk away with a fresh perspective. All are welcome as there is truly something here for everyone, all you need to bring is an open mind and heart.

For more information on Derek O’Neill and SQ Wellness, please visit us at: Exchange for this event is on a by donation basis. To register, please contact Michelle Fitch at

Thursday, April 19th
Paul Selig Channels the Ascension Energies of the Word
Paul Selig
7:00pm – 9:30pm

This evening Paul will bring through and attune people to the frequency of the Word, which Paul’s guides describe as “God in Action.” This is the elevated Christed energies now coming to the Earth, that have not been available to us before. The purpose is to develop and sustain higher levels of consciousness to move through the emotional and physical blocks that may be keeping you from manifesting your own divine nature. Paul’s work is deeply transformative, the energy he works with is extremely palpable.

Everyone will receive the attunement, where participants are supported in moving to the next level of personal and planetary evolution. “You are the first in a generation of conscious beings coming into form and you will make it possible for those that follow to exist more easily in the higher frequencies that are now available. This is a gift, but this is a massive change. It’s a tidal wave of light ascending into you as you ascend into it.” – from I Am the Word, a Channeled Text, by Paul Selig.

For more info go to: Cost: $30. Contact: Alan Steinfeld / 212 473 6388.

Friday, April 20th
Awakening Heart: Dances of Universal Peace & Sufi Practice 7:30pm

“…I am teaching this music & dancing…to increase Joy, not awe toward another person but bliss in our own self. This is finding God within, through experience.” (Sufi Murshid Samuel Lewis). With Meditation, Movement/Dance, Sacred Names, Music and Walking Meditations, this circle explores the heart-centered, in-the-world Universal spirituality brought from India to the West in 1910 by Sufi Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan and developed by his student Murshid Samuel Lewis; teachings of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, and of worldwide sacred traditions. Those of all paths (and no particular path) are welcome; no experience is necessary. “Although we seem to be in a world of song and dance, we are most concerned with peace on earth.” (Sufi Murshid Samuel Lewis).

Dances of Universal Peace $15;

Friday, April 20th
Angelic Circle of Peace
Rev. Barbara Dominick
7:00pm – 9:30pm

Kick your shoes off… relax!!! Leave your work behind, be it office work, spiritual work, home work or otherwise. Simply BE in the ‘Angelic Circle of Peace’ for an experience of healing on various levels of your being. Share in an embrace of the gentle love healing energies of Angels, and allow yourSelf to be open to your own intuitive abilities as you receive inspirational messages from these magical Beings of light. Prophetic insight, meditation and Christ Light healing to crown and heart chakras are always a part of this beautiful circle that may open your heart and lift your spirit. Plus your gift is an inspirational booklet, and your full personal Angel message.

Your facilitator is Rev. Barbara, Reiki Master Teacher, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Christ Light Healer and Spiritual Counselor. She speaks and sings in Light Language, and often brings forth enlightening messages from the Beloved Council of Christ Light frequencies during healing circles and private healing sessions. Her commitment to healing work is grounded in her passion for providing a loving conduit for your Soul, heart, mind and body to heal and realign with the Divine Light within you bringing you closer to a harmonious state of well being and oneness with all life.

$25.00 at the door or register online at For more info contact Rev Barbara at (718) 863-1553.

Saturday, April 21st ~PRIVATE EVENT~
Count Down To Consciousness Mastery Program
A New Program for Ascending into 2012
With Jodi Serota & Her Master Guides
(Last chance for enrollment – up to March 15th)

A Channeled 12 Month Intensive Multi-Dimensional Mastery Program for those serious about living authentically on Earth with internal & external peace & knowing & manifesting your purpose through your full Creation Expressed.

Class Dates at META Center (Thurs 7pm-10pm / Sat 10am-6pm)
Thurs, Jan 12th / Thurs, Feb 9th / Thurs, March 8th
Sat, April 21st / Thurs, May 10th / Sat, June 16th
Thurs, July 12th / Thurs, Aug 9th / Thurs, Sept 13th
Sat, Oct 13th / Thurs, Nov 8th / Thurs, Dec 12th

Although the program started on January 12th, 2012, it is possible to join the program up until March 15th. Videos of Jan 12th, Feb 9th & March 8th classes will be available online to allow new participants the opportunity to catch up to the rest of the class.

Count Down to Consciousness is a multi-dimensional educational, assistance program helping everyone with the ongoing planetary & inter-dimensional changes that are igniting consciousness for the Full Unification of Pure Divine Perfection in Physical Form.

This Dynamic Ascension Program throughout the year will help with healing, relieving suffering, activate, initiate, integrate and elevate for higher consciousness, transmute karmic patterning, awaken the strands of the DNA codes of consciousness in your cells, & anchor in your full “Monad or Divine Presence” into direct manifestation on Earth.

This program is created for those who are committed to moving forward in life to more expanded levels of consciousness, and for those choosing to move through karma, know why they are here on Earth at this time, carry out their original blueprint of service & purpose, and participate in the greater understanding of inter-dimensional/multi-world experience as a full being of light & love!

Count Down To Consciousness is available Online 
In order to reach a wider audience for those committed to mastery in their lives, we are making the entire program available online.

All live classes will be recorded and video downloads will be available online through a password protected site, allowing for a more flexible study schedule. This enables participants to continue staying in synch as part of the group collective energy. The group dynamic forms a frequency grid of support for everyone as part of learning and experiencing supportive 5th & 6th dimensional unity consciousness.

Cost: $1313. Pre-Paid For The Entire Year. Non-Refundable.

Payment Plan: 
$1513 (In 4 Payments) 
$403 Deposit (non refundable) on sign up with 3 installment payments to be paid in full by June 28th, 2012.

Call to reserve your space – 212 736 0999 Ext.1 or email – Subject: Registration For Countdown To Consciousness 2012. Only those enrolled in the program are permitted to attend.

Saturday, April 21st
Healing Your Family With Family Constellations
Dina Ostrovsky
12:00pm – 6:00pm

This workshop will help you: * learn about natural systemic orders – understand your family dynamics and hidden conflicts * discover the source of imbalances within your family system and create a positive future * resolve troubles and find answers for yourself, your family and your relationships * experience and discover the world of family constellations.

Each of us is a link in a chain spanning countless generations. It is not surprising that at times we are “paying off the debts” of our ancestors by reliving their lives’ patterns. What unconscious forces compel us to repeat the joyful and the traumatic events of our hidden family histories? This workshop will explore our profound, never-ending relationship to our past through the popular Family ConstellationsTM method developed by the German philosopher-psychologist Bert Hellinger.

The goal of the Family Constellation approach is to gain insight into the secrets of our family history. This method teaches us how to unravel the skein of our family past, brings to light interconnections across generations, and helps us break out of the unconscious cycle of our family history that may keep us from reaching our true potential and experiencing real happiness.

The Family Constellation method effectively addresses: * relationship problems * career issues * business and financial difficulties * bodily pain and illness * depression * habitual emotional and behavioral patterns.

The seminar is facilitated by Dina Ostrovsky. Info: Cost – $95 if you pre-register before April 17th, $120 after April 17th. Please register by email: / tel: 732 277 5404.

Monday, April 23rd
The Elders Speak…After 500 Years of Silence
7:00pm – 9:45pm

With Grandfather Manuel Lopez Fierro, Grandmother North Cloud Drum, Sagaligesgw (Jeorgina Larocque), Grandfather Donald Parent, Ilka Marcenay (White Buffalo Woman), Grandmother Madeleine Vezina Saga, Grandmother Sandy, Bishop Lygia Maciel DeCastro & Grandmother Sherley Barkclay Wolf Clan Mother

The Divine Creator gave the Elders an innate gift of purpose to teach and pass on the Indigenous and Universal teachings to affect the next journey of humanity. Currently, the Elders are making themselves available to bring forth messages of Spirit and gathering everyone in prayer, to create a harmonious, peaceful planet. It’s time to end suffering, to be one with all creatures, humans & Mother Earth, and to work in partnership as stewards of Planet Earth.

Join the Elders, gathering together from all different tribes and cultures, as they awaken everyone’s consciousness & open our hearts by leading us through Sacred Ceremonies, Blessings & Teachings passed down from their lineages.

As they remind us that unity comes through the creative force as love, we are assisted to remember through these “Ancient Teachings” that our lives within, are the “True Sacredness”. When we experience the opening of the heart more fully, we reconnect & become in synch with the Ancient Prophecies of Renewal, Oneness, Earth Changes, and a Reawakening of Humanity.

Come enjoy a rare and unusual opportunity where many Elders gather together from all over the world sharing God Given Teachings & Messages, bringing us back to our connection with the Earth, ourselves, and each other. All Are Welcome!

Fee: $20 in advance (non-refundable). $25 cash only at the door.

Grandfather Manuel Lopez Fierro, Toltec Nation from Central and South America in Mexico, anthropologist/archaeologist and Shaman of the Jaguar, from Jalapa, Veracruz, Traditional Healer of Mexico. He has a great message from the Ancients.

Grandmother North Cloud Drum is a young Grandmother who carries the Sacred Harmony messages and is the protégée of the Elders of many tribes. She drums where she is called and where the healing is needed. She lives in Vermont with her family.

Sagaligesgw (Jeorgina Larocque) Plant Woman is a Mi’kmaq Elder and Grandmother. She is a Medicine Woman, a Storyteller, a Traditional Healer, a Visionary and a Wisdom Keeper.

Grandfather Donald Parent. His spirit name is “He Who Walks Amongst the People.” from the Mi’kmaq Nation on the East Coast of Canada. His father’s spirit name is “Rainbow Eagle Warrior” and his mother’s name is “Woman Who Speaks The Truth.” He is carrying the great message of the Ancients for 2012.

Ilka Marcenay (White Buffalo Woman) is a Medicine Woman and Lodge Keeper for the Mikmaq’ Nation in Canada. First adopted daughter of Donald Parent’s White Horse Clan and apprentice in the Bear Clan.

Grandmother Madeleine Vezina Saga adopted by the Mi’kmaq Nation in Canada under the White Buffalo Clan, carries the sacred pipe and also the water. Her mother is from the Iroquois Nation and her father is from the Algonquin Nation.

Grandmother Sandy is a young Grandmother who lives in a rural town in Vermont, belongs to the tribes of the region and is learning and embracing the First People’s of the Earth teachings.

Bishop Lygia Maciel DeCastro from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from the Tupi Guarani Nation, lives in Long Island. She teaches together with other teachers PanEuRhythmy Sacred Dance Meditation for peace of Mother Earth and the universe. She is adopted by the Mi’kmaq Nation.

Grandmother Sherley Barkclay Wolf Clan Mother Texas Cherokee and Lakota, follows the Lakota Path and is a carrier of the Sacred Pipe, Sun Dancer and she also belongs to the American Multi-Cultural division in Texas.

Monday, April 23rd
Sanctuary of Light – A Deeply Transformative Spiritual Healing & Guided Meditation
Followed by a Channeled Q&A with White Eagle
7:00pm – 9:15pm

Enjoy a powerful spiritual meditation and healing to help us to strengthen the natural connection to our own spirit guides, angels and the Divine. Come fully present…let-go of energies & fears of our past that no longer serve us….minimise unhealthy fantasising of our futures!

James Philip, born in Scotland, is an experienced teacher, channeller, spiritual medium and healer. Founder of Celestial Earth offering classes, workshops and coaching in intuition and healing arts with enthusiasm and humor at many leading venues in the UK & USA including OMEGA institute, New York.

$40.00. Register by e-mail Info

Wednesday, April 25th
‘Embracing the Mahatma Energy’
Facilitated by Anthony Citro
7:00pm – 10:00pm

During the time of the Harmonic Convergence, in the late 1980’s, the Divine granted us access to what is commonly called the ‘Mahatma Energy’. Essentially, this signal period in Humanity’s history marked the “return” of the Divine Feminine Consciousness. The Mahatma refers to that aspect of Source Energy which we can utilize daily to help accelerate our Ascension Process. Its scope is far and wide reaching, and many facets of your life can be greatly enhanced with repeated invocation. Its importance in your spiritual development cannot be overemphasized. It is a treasure of inestimable value that the Godhead, in Its infinite capacity for Unconditional Love has gifted us all – to bring us HOME! Tonight, we will explore the Mahatma Energy, which has manifested to assist the Planet, and each of us with our Ascension. The Mahatma can move us forward 1,000 fold on our Path as we accept It’s Grace.

Coming off of Earth Day, occuring on the Star Gate Day of 4/22/2012, (through music and guided meditation), we will gather to learn all about the interrelation of the Earth’s Ascension with the Mahatma Energy and how best to utilize It at this time to stimulate spiritual growth. As a group, we will powerfully integrate the Mahatma into our cellular being, and you will have the opportunity to address and heal any issues surrounding your own Ascension Process.

You may connect with the Mahatma Energy anytime before the workshop by viewing the meditation video, ‘Embracing The Mahatma Energy’ on YouTube. Go to link here:

Exchange: $33.00. Register: /

Thursday, April 26th
Embodying The Divine Feminine & The Evolution of Consciousness
Panel & Networking
7:00pm – 9:45pm

With Barbara Biziou, Constantina Rhodes, Melinda Arnold
& Moderator Richard Boyd

* What is the significance of The Divine Feminine?
* How, through time, have we lost the balance of this Female/Male Sacred Relationship?
* Why is “The Feminine” so important for ushering in The Aquarian Age?
* How will the restoration and re-emergence of the The Divine Feminine influence our daily lives and consciousness on the whole?

These are some of the questions that moderator Richard Boyd will be addressing and answering with some of the most respected figures in the field of Consciousness.The evening will include the panel discussion and networking, along with light refreshments later in the evening.

Barbara Biziou, author of The Joy of Ritual and The Joys of Family Rituals, integrates her extensive knowledge of global spiritual practices, rituals, psychology and business into her coaching and consulting practice. She is the renowned go-to expert for high-end, custom ceremonies, global rituals, weddings, and the celebration of all life’s passages. Twitter: @barbarabiziou

Merlinda Arnold is dedicated to the healing legacy of the Isis lineage. She is a global speaker, therapist, and consultant, visionary, writer, and producer of multi-media. She uses history, religion, spirituality, and ritual to provide understanding for healing. She is also a facilitator specializing in leadership training for international corporations.

Constantina Rhodes, Ph.D., author of Invoking Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony, is a translator of Sanskrit sacred poetry and professor of Religion at CUNY. She also offers experiential workshops on the Goddess and on Intuitive Development, and she maintains a private practice as an Intuitive Consultant.

Richard Boyd, moderator, has been an active metaphysician since childhood. As a training professional, he has facilitated in-depth discussions on consciousness.

Fee: $15 in advance (non-refundable). $20 cash only at the door. Please call the META Center to register at 212 736 0999 Ext.1 – MC, VISA and Discover card accepted in advance.

Thursday, April 26th
The Angel Circle with Archangel Michael
Mark Mezadourian
7:30pm – 9:30pm

The Angel Circle is like a spiritual gym – a place where you can deepen your Divine connection, strengthen your intuitive muscles and relax into your true power – all is a positive, safe and structured environment.

The intention of this Circle is to make connecting with the Angels practical, easy and fun for everyone. As the work is experiential, you will learn techniques for connecting and receiving guidance.

Each Circle is unique, and focuses on a specific Archangel. In this Circle, we will connect with Archangel Michael and engage in activities to empower your intentions around your purpose, prosperity and partnership. Everyone present will get to give and receive guidance, allowing the Angels messages to bring peace & power to your life.

Cost: $20. For more information and to register, please call Mark at (310) 220-5455, or visit

Friday, April 27th
“A Night with Spirit” hosted by nationally regarded psychic medium Thomas John
7:00pm – 9:00pm

Join Thomas as he delivers a night filled with messages from our loved ones in Spirit! After a brief introduction, Thomas will deliver messages in a gallery style setting to those in the audience.

Tickets are $25.00 in advanced and $45.00 at the door. To purchase tickets, call 347-637-8592 or e-mail Tickets are sure to sell out, so act fast! For more information, please visit

Friday, April 27th ~FREE EVENT~
‘Global Prema Agni Day – 2012’
Facilitated by Anthony Citro
7:00pm – 10:00pm

Please join us for a complementary evening of heart centered sharing for the second annual GLOBAL PREMA AGNI DAY! On Friday, April 27th, we will gather to kick-off this yearly weekend celebration of the Prema Agni, actually occuring worldwide on Saturday, April 28th at 3:33pm. At this time, people all across the planet will come together, wherever they may be, to increase world unity by focusing on the Prema Agni symbol (pictured here). Universal and non-denominational, this powerful, healing symbol opens the heart to the infinite possibilities of love, in every area of life. From workshops, to offering mini-healings at fairs and expos, to simply drawing the symbol in the air and sending it out in pure vibration, worldwide synchronous intention to stimulate the opening of the heart can serve to greatly shift collective consciousness at this time of Ascension.

Here, you will receive instruction in how to utilize this powerful symbol (‘Prema Agni’ in Sanskrit translates to ‘Fire of Divine Love’), as well as send it out to loved ones, animals in distress, and people and places in need of spiritual protection and love. Through music and guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to heal any unresolved wounds and concerns of the heart you may be dealing with. Embracing the Prema Agni can significantly assist you in this regard.

Please pre-register and let us know how many will be attending. Register: / To learn more about the Prema Agni, please log onto or

Saturday, April 28th & Sunday, April 29th
A Soulful Weekend with Bill Bauman
9:00am – 5:00pm

Open your heart to Life and its grace-filled blessings. Listen to the quiet, loving voice of your inspiring soul. Experience personal blessing, transformation and renewal. Share this with friends who would also enjoy this experience.

Registration Fee: $175.00 for both Saturday and Sunday; $100.00 for one day. Info/Registration: Donna Maraldo @ 610 274-8209 or CEU credits available for mental health professionals.

Offer Your Products and Services at this and other CSL Events:
Are you interested in selling your soulful products and services at CSL events during the breaks? If you are interested, please submit a proposal no later than January 20, 2012. The proposal form is available on the CSL website ( Please download it, fill out the information and email it to

CSL will evaluate its alignment with our purpose of offering educational, inspirational, and transformational opportunities for more soulful, grace- filled, and empowered human living. On approval, we will contact you about the details of bringing your products, flyers, and business cards to CSL events. We will also be taking flyers describing products and services to future events throughout the year and will be happy to include yours if you provide us with printed flyers.

In return for this service, we ask that you send CSL 10% of the proceeds you receive during or directly in response to promoting your product(s) or service(s) during CSL events. Thank you for considering this opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, April 30th
Kundalini Shaktipat
Sri Pranaji & Master Raj
6:00pm – 10:00pm

Pranashakty offers Kundalini Shaktipath to all. Shaktipath will be perform by Masters of Pranashalty Sri Pranaji and Master Raj,who travel all the way from Malaysia to US for spiritual training for all, who has interest to 18 Siddha tradition and want to experience practices and energies siddhars now reveal to people.

Pranashakty has been receiving many requests for Kundalini awakening from spiritual aspirants outside the Pranashakty lineage. Since then we were working out a way to guide these spiritual aspirants properly without affecting their current spiritual practices and belief systems. Finally, we have succeeded in developing a system that is neutral to students of different spiritual traditions. We are now ready to help the world with Kundalini Shaktipath. An aspirant can receive Shaktipath from Pranashakty and still continue to do his previous practices without any attachment to the Pranashakty lineage.

Who can receive? Anyone who follows a spiritual/energy practice very seriously and is above 15 years of age can request for Kundalini Shaktipath. After receiving the request, we will analyze the person’s energy field to make sure that he/she can contain the energy of shaktipath. Usually the preventing factors may range from deep emotional blocks and traumas that may be released after shaktipath. Some of such releases cannot be handled by the person alone but such situations are seen very rarely and most of spiritual students are ready to receive Kundalini Shaktipath.

The cost is $250. Every registrant needs to pay non-refundable deposit of $25. Space is limited. For registration, please email

214 West 29th Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10001
(212) 736 0999 Ext.1.