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Submit Calendar Information

Submit Calendar Information

META Center sends a monthly calendar to it’s mailing list advertising the events for the upcoming month.

Submissions for the META Center monthly calendar are required by the 10th of the month prior. This is a free service provided by the META Center. This is not intended for sole promotion. Renter is expected to do their own promotion as well.

If submissions are not received by this date, your event will be listed by speaker name, event name, date, time, cost, contact information, email and website only. 
We encourage early submission of event content for posting on the META Center website.

Please follow the form below for your submission.
(Or send your text by email to with the words ‘META Center Calendar’ in the subject line)

DAY OF EVENT                  (on the first line)
TITLE OF EVENT                (on the second line)
SPEAKER NAME                 (on the third line)
TIME OF EVENT                 (on the fourth line)

Write a maximum of 120 words about your event and include the cost and if pre-registration is required (putting the cost of your event in the calendar is optional). At the end of your text please include your contact information, email and web site.

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