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February Videos/Meditations

Count Down to Consciousness Videos
Month 2 – Feb 9th 2012

Below is the recording of the February Count Down to Consciousness Program. We recommend that you play each video in chronological order to keep up with the classes as they build the frequency and the work. Make sure to sit in a comfortable, quiet environment and just view, listen & participate in the class as if you were present in the moment. Know that you were all included energetically in our group, so the work has already begun. You’ve already committed to being on this journey with all of us, so you may already be feeling the effects of our group focus.


2.9.12 Part 1 Meditation

2.9.12 Part 2 Questions, Themes and Connecting the dots

2.9.12 Part 2 Questions and Creative Cycle

February Audio Meditations

Please click on the links and the file will open. After the file loads it will begin to play. Please listen to these meditations before the February class to help maintain focus and support the work.

Sound Activation: To Awaken Innate Gifts by Experiencing Your Akashic Records

– Akashic Records – Awakening
– Codes of Consciousness – through sound, colors, numbers, sacred geometry
– Connection to: Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Councils, Star Systems and more. 20 minutes.

Click Here: Awakening Innate Gifts Meditation

Meditation for Clearing, Balancing & Deepening Relationships to Self, Others & All
Parts of Your Entire Being.

– Assists in feeling nurtured, comforted, loved, supported, recognized, accepted, healed and calmed.
– Aligns – maternal female/paternal male and all relationships with your inner family (infants, children, adolescents and adults within). 40 minutes.

Click Here: Clearing, Balancing and Deepening Relationships Meditation


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